Premio ARZ 1

Everyday drivers don’t have to sacrifice performance when looking for a passsenger tyre, and with the Motivo they can pretty much have the best of both worlds. Arivo engineers have injected all the ingredients (grip, rigidity, and control) of its summer tyres that promises quietness, longevity, and all the right connections for staying better glued to the road in dry or wet conditions.


A. Silicon-Containing Tread Compound: New Silicon-containing treat compound improves grip on wet road conditions and reduce rolling resistance, provide safety ride and reduce fuel consumption.

B. “Skiving” Pattern: “Skiving” pattern design. Stereoscopic straight line “Skiving” pattern design absorb shakes from road, and provide a more comfortable driving.

C. Silence Design: Silence pitches design. Computer-simulated tread pitches design reduces the driving resonance with excellent quiet and comfortable ride.

D. Big Block Pattern: Big block pattern in the outside. Big block in the outside ensure the great rigidity, handling and sport performance.

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