Reformative CSDPF Technology
Carbon Silica Dual Phase Filer is an innovative technology in the tyre industry, our UK engineers ad a certain percentage of silica instead of traditional Carbon Black in the tread rubber which highly improves tyre braking performance by 17.9%, reduces rolling resistance σm (N/kN) by 24.8% and saves fuel usage by 3.2%.

Research Science Support:

  1. Academic Support by Qingdao University of Science and Technology and Harbin Institute of Technology. Technology Support by experienced premium-brands senior engineers and European technical team.
  2.  Establish mid-term to long-term technological development strategies while conducting innovative research.
  3. Manage research results by observing, computing, recording and interpreting the results and analyses of experiments.
  4. Monitor the progress of experiments and analyze the results.

Product R & D:

  1. Perform scientific and technological investigations based on theories and experiments for product and process research and development.
  2. Develop and assess new concepts and technologies to create solutions to known problems.
  3. Create a database of technical issues that have been resolved and prepare documents related to result analysis, such as technical research reports, summaries, lab reports (proposals), and quantitative analysis.
  4. Plan specific methodology and procedures for experiment and perform collaborative research and share information with in-house researchers and other science experts.